Oracle is the world's largest provider of information management software, as well as server hardware and storage systems. The company provides its users with services and products in the field of consulting, technology support and training in almost 145 countries around the world. The range of Oracle products includes operating systems, database management systems, business applications and document management systems, information security solutions.

JSC "STC "D.R.V." has the status of Oracle Gold Partner within the framework of the partner program Oracle Partner Network.

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Non-Commercial Partnership "Guild of Professional Experts and Appraisers"

The partnership was created to unite legal entities working in the market of valuation services in order to consolidate efforts towards professional valuation activity, organization and mutual integration of business processes. The objectives of this partnership are: to provide favorable conditions for professional valuation activities of the members, to represent and protect the rights and legitimate interests of the members, to provide information, methodological, technical, legal and other assistance to the members.

"Guild of Professional Experts and Appraisers" • +7 (495) 797-55-96 •

НП «ЦентрЭксперт ЖКХ»

This is a professional union of audit and expert organizations engaged in work with organizations and enterprises of housing and communal services in all regions of the Russian Federation. The partnership interacts with federal executive bodies in the sphere of housing and communal services and construction. Currently, the partnership brings together over 130 organizations in all Federal Districts of the Russian Federation.

НП «ЦентрЭксперт ЖКХ» • +7 (495) 491-72-90 •

Employment Center "UNECON"

The Employment Center of the St. Petersburg State University of Economics provides an opportunity for internships and internships to assess the student's professional capabilities and capabilities directly at the workplace, adjust his formation as a specialist, stimulating the development of precisely those qualities that are valued in organizations.

Employment Center "UNECON" • +7 (812) 310-40-78 •