Research and development

We do development programs, concepts and economic justifications, marketing and applied research, regulations and standards.

Why us:

  • We are practitioners. Our team employs young scientists and specialists with experience in research and analytical work;
  • Professional execution of projects in accordance with the terms of reference and the schedule;
  • Conformance with GOST 15.101-98 and GOST 7.32-2001;
  • Reasonable prices and terms of work.

Business valuation

The valuation activity refers to the professional activity of the subjects of the valuation activity, aimed at establishing the valuation of market, cadastral or other value in relation to the objects.

A valuation of the value of a business, like any other property, is a purposeful, ordered process of calculating the significance of an object in monetary terms. This takes into account the factors influencing it at a particular time in the conditions of a specific market.

Our organization offers a full range of services to assess the value of business and analyze the effectiveness of its activities. The result of the service is a valuation report. It is a standardized document that is compiled in accordance with the requirements of the Russian federal law “On Appraiser Activities in the Russian Federation,” No. 135-ФЗ dd. 29.07.1998 and Federal Appraisal Standard No. 3”

Valuation of the effectiveness of investment projects

The implementation of effective projects increases the gross domestic product entering a company's disposal, which is then divided between the participating entities (firms (shareholders and employees), banks, budgets of different levels). The revenues and costs of these entities determine the different types of efficiency of investment projects.

When rendering this service, methodical recommendations are used to assess the effectiveness of investment projects and current software tools.

You don’t know which project will be the most effective? Order this service and you will have a thorough answer on time.

Business plan development

For new enterprises, start-ups, the business plan is the main document, because it helps to justify the receipt of a loan or to attract money from potential investors.

In the process of the business plan development, we adhere to the requirements of UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) standards:

  • summary;
  • description of industry and company;
  • description of services (goods);
  • sales and marketing;
  • production plan;
  • organizational plan;
  • financial plan;
  • evaluation of project effectiveness;
  • guarantees and risks of the company;
  • attachments.

Development of a professional-level business plan requires experience and it is a time-consuming task.

Contact us and we will prepare a quality business plan and its presentation. A competent presentation of the project is 50% success in approving your business plan.

Software Development

Our organization offers software development services. We understand problems and issues of the business that require automation as we have an extensive experience in implementing consulting projects.

Our services include the development of user interfaces, sites, databases, CMS. These services also include:

  • collection and analysis of requirements;
  • feasibility study;
  • development of technical specifications;
  • development of solution architecture;
  • development of user interface;
  • development of software modules;
  • integration with other information systems;
  • testing;
  • development of documentation;
  • training;
  • implementation, introduction and support of software we develop.
We offer an individual approach to solving business problems for a reasonable price.


We offer legal reviews and consultations in the field of accounting, law and taxation.

Our organization will help you to develop methods and instructions, perform financial and economic analysis and calculations of any complexity.

Looking for Partners

JSC “STC” D.R.V.” is interested in cooperation with organizations in the field of research and development in the following sectors:

  • Transport;
  • Housing and communal services;
  • Sport;
  • Medicine.

By directions of work:

  • Development and improvement of strategic and methodological documents;
  • Improvement of the methodological concept of the development of the information environment;
  • Development and implementation of software based on modern technologies for the automation of various business processes;
  • Development of methods for assessing the implementation and development of intelligent systems;
  • Development of systems of estimated industry and production indicators.